2009_big_Marlin_Jumpedited-1Queen City Law can offer complete legal services in the case of High Net Worth Representation

Queen City Law has recently assisted billionaires from Japan, Russia, China and Malaysia with assorted legal requirements in New Zealand.

Some of these legal services have included Investor Plus ($10M) residence visas, importing of luxury vessels, the acquisition of multi-million dollar helicopters, the acquisition of inner city development sites and assorted other matters.

Our Process:

Why do such people look at NZ as an investment destination and sometimes want a residence visa and why do so many Ultra High Net Worth individuals entrust Queen City Law with their legal requirements ?
On a simple level the Roman expression Res Ispa Loquiter applies ( ‘ the thing speaks for itself “) but it certainly is not by chance.
New Zealand is seen as a desirable investment destination for a number of reasons including ease of doing business.
Our rule of law, our lifestyle, the way our economy has performed over the last few years, economic stability and many other such reasons. Push factors for some of these investors are quite diverse but can include economic uncertainty in their country of origin, government policies back home, high rates of death duty. Many are wanting to be more anonymous in a new place like New Zealand, – hunting , fishing and a whole lot of other reasons. There are many investment opportunities in NZ some are looking at milk powder manufacturing investment and investment in construction and infrastructure and of course NZ farms.
Others are looking  to develop 600 new residential apartments in landbank properties surrounding the fast growing capital of the South Pacific – Auckland.
Why do so many UHNWs elect to instruct Queen City Law ?
Well one obvious reason is the firm’s proven track record successfully representing such individuals. Others include its top NZ ranking for business immigration, the range of legal services it is able to efficiently provide High Net Worths, the fun most clients have dealing with the firm and the fact that Queen City Law is exceedingly good at what it does.
Although Queen City Law provides professional legal services such clients often require discreet and bespoke advice and QCL is very very good at this. The firm tries to treat all client in the same manner regardless of a client’s net worth and so there is little sycophantic behaviour at QCL but work is completed as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.
QCL then becomes a trusted advisor to such clients and is often able to add significant bottom line value to UHNW clients activities for reasonable legal fees.