Visa Application Denied Stamp Shows Entry Admission RefusedIf your visa has been declined due to ‘non bona fides” get in touch with the immigration law team at Queen City Law. We can help answer your questions and ensure your visa application gets completed and followed up effectively. Queen City Law immigration lawyers outline a few of the ways you can approach this problem. To read the full article as a print and tablet friendly PDF click here.

It is a requirement that every applicant for a temporary entry visa is considered ‘bona fide’ or genuine. The definition of a bona fide applicant is someone who:

  •  genuinely intends a temporary stay in New Zealand for a lawful purpose; and
  •  is not likely to remain in New Zealand unlawfully, breach any visa conditions, or is unable to leave or be deported from New Zealand.

If you are not from a ‘visa waiver’ country, it can be quite difficult to prove you are a bona fide visitor. It is up to you to prove this to Immigration New Zealand (INZ), so it important that you get it right from the start.

What should you provide to INZ to prove you are a genuine applicant? Any of the following can assist:

  • A clear explanation of the purpose of your visit (i.e. visit relatives, sightseeing, business consultation) and evidence to back that up
  • Evidence that you have travelled abroad to other countries without breaching immigration requirements
  • Evidence of any personal, financial or employment commitments in your home country that would encourage you to return (i.e. property ownership, family members)
  • Whether you have complied with the conditions of any New Zealand visas previously.

It is unlawful to enter New Zealand on a visitor visa for the sole purpose of finding employment. However, it is lawful to enter on a visitor visa for business purposes under certain circumstances. Please contact Queen City Law to ensure that the purpose of your visit is lawful.

If you are coming to New Zealand to be with a partner, you will need to prove your relationship is likely to endure and you can return home if it doesn’t work out. Meeting someone over the internet and showing INZ evidence of your chat history is generally not to be granted a visitor visa. Please contact us to ensure that you apply under the right category.

It is always important to be clear about your intentions. If your intention is to remain in New Zealand long term then you should review your options for residency upfront.

If your application has been declined due to bona fides, all hope is not lost. You can apply again with additional evidence. Queen City Law can assess your chances of successfully obtaining a temporary visa, and guide you to providing a high quality application. Contact us to discuss your case.