My visa expired what do I do?  It can be tricky for those on student visas and those on work visas to know what to do next. In New Zealand you can request a new visa under section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009.

Once your visa has expired, you are considered to be unlawfully in New Zealand and are required to leave the country. You run the risk of being arrested and deported, and subject to a prohibition on coming back to New Zealand in future. However there are options that will allow you to regain your lawful status.

A request for a visa under section 61 is at the absolute discretion of Immigration New Zealand. This means you have no right to a visa – so it is in your interests to put forward the best case possible when submitting your request. To read or download the full article click here. To find out more about leading immigration lawyers in Auckland by clicking here

Wentry deniede can assess your particular circumstances and advise you on your chances of success. For example, we will ask you about the length of time you have been ‘unlawful’ and the reasons why, what efforts you have already undertaken to resolve the matter, your ties to New Zealand and potential contribution to society.

We can assist you by presenting your case in the best possible manner, increasing the likelihood that INZ will grant an approval. We will advise you on the type of documents you can collect to support your request, and then draft comprehensive submissions on your behalf.

Queen City Law have a team of excellent immigration lawyers who are based in Auckland. An immigration lawyer is a better solution than an immigration consultant who are sometime unqualified or out of their depth when dealing with the NZ Ministry of Immigration. Be careful when engaging anyone to act on your behalf, get references, agree a price and do your own research.To read or download full article click here.

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