Recently the 12th Annual Immigration Law Conference was held in Auckland at Pullman Hotel and runs 19th to 20th of June 2014 and Queen City Law lawyer Bradley So delivered a well considered presentation on the new Entrepreneur Work Visa. The recent changes have been the most significant in the last decade in immigration law and The New Entrepreneur Work Visa is the latest of these changes. This new class of Work Visa creates new conditions and therefore new factors to consider when preparing your immigration case.  The new entrepreneur work visa has raised the bar substantially.

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Entrepreneur Work Visa uses a Point System Business Experience Employment Approved Export Unique and New Capital Investment Bonus Points. Brads presentation looks at this point system and some of the business requirements.

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Some of the New Factors to Consider

  • What Type of Business is it?

  • Consistent with the Objectives of BB1blue-buzinesstrav
  • High growth
  • Innovative Export
  • New/Existing Business

What are the Capital Requirements?

  • Is it an Existing Business
  • Is it a Share Acquisition/Asset Acquisition?
  • Where is it located? In Auckland or outside of Auckland?

Your chosen Business venture should provide Benefits to New Zealand:

  • Promoted New Zealand’s economic growth
  • Increase Capacity Utilisation (such as significant net new job creation) – Creating employment
  • Introducing new, or enhancing existing, products or services
  • Productivity-enhancing spillover benefits
  • Trading profitably
  • Making sufficient profit = minimum wage per annum
  • The capital investment is a minimum of $100,000 (No points) to claim points at least $200,000

Some Practical Implications include:

  • Offshore applicants will need to come to NZ before a visa is granted
  • Interim visa of 12 months is purely to set up the business
  • One variation of business plan opportunities
  • Decrease in buying existing businesses
  • Pro forma business plans will no longer apply
  • Applicants are better prepared for Residency

Remember always check your SPECIFIC BUSINESS PLAN through with your lawyer and accountant before lodging your Visa with Immigration NZ.

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