Enterprise Investment and Development – Chinese Investment in New Zealand

Recently Queen City Law were invited to deliver a presentation as the NZ leading property and construction law firm to the Zhongshan Enterprise Investment and Development Association who had travelled to New Zealand representing Guangdong Province, in China. To find out more about Guandong Province click here.

photoOther presenters include Head of Migration Banking, BNZ, CA from William Buck Christmas Gouwland accounting firm, Consul CHEN of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Auckland.

The conference was organised by an agent company in association with Bank of New Zealand, to provide a brief introduction about property investment environment in NZ in terms of legal, accounting, banking and market perspectives. Commercial and Property Lawyer Tom Huang represented Queen City Law, to read more about Tom click here.

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Tom gave a very professional and impressive presentation which was specifically relating to the property development in NZ. Tom covered not only the legal side, but also the additional value services that Queen City law can provide their clients as New Zealands’ leading property and construction law firm. Queen City Law will work as team with other external consultants like planners, bankers, architects, local authorities and others with the purpose of delivering the best services.

Queen City Law are experts in providing feasible and optimal solutions.

The audience were mainly a group of property investors which included members of Zhongshan Enterprise Investment and Development Association.photo 10

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