Ideal-SolicitorDo you have Enduring Powers of Attorney in place in case you lose capacity to handle your affairs? Have you appointed guardians for your children who are under 18 years of age? Is your mortgage is covered by appropriate Mortgage Insurance cover?Do you understand how your Superannuation Scheme works ?

Queen City Law advises all its clients to check their legal status for time to time to ensure their affairs are in order and they are prepared for the successes and failures life throws at all of us. We call it a Legal Warrant of Fitness and you can check yourself more legal checklists can be found at the QCL Law Library. If you have any questions or need an expert legal opinion please Contact Us

QCL Infosheet – Legal Warrant of Fitness – Are you roadworthy?

Download – March 2012

Legal Due Diligence

Queen City Law has a extensive Online  Law Library we have info sheets available for download at the Queen City Law Library covering due diligence where entering  agreements or arrangements. Remember to ask hard questions before you enter the agreement and always ensure you get independent legal advice. Get that agreement in writing if it is a key customer or supplier contracts. Include any standard terms of supply or standard purchase terms for material suppliers of goods or services to the Company.

  • Is the Company in breach of the Privacy Act 1993, and, in particular, whether there is any privacy policy in place? Are there any complaints under the Privacy Act are currently being instigated or have been threatened in writing?
  • Does the Company hold all licences, permits and authorizations (including resource consents or permits) necessary to carry on its businesses? If not, what steps are being taken to obtain these? Is there any reason why any such licence, permit or authorisation might not be issued to the Company?
  • Is the Company aware that its activities breach, or might breach, any requirement or condition of such licences, permits, authorizations, or any existing or proposed district or regional plans? In particular, has the Company received any notices or requisitions from any regulatory bodies? If so, you want them to provide details. What about the premises or other assets?  These are a few items in a long list of issue arising from a process of due diligence.

Queen City Law are experts in all aspects of due diligence when acquiring a business or starting a new partnership. Download these helpful infosheets to focus on what you need from your due diligence.

QCL Infosheet on Joint Venture Agreements

View as ebook Download – September 2011

QCL Legal Due Diligence Checklist

Download – May 2011

More legal checklists can be found at the QCL Law Library. If you have any questions or need an expert legal opinion please Contact Us