Disputes Resolutions in NZ Standard Contracts

On 8 November 2018, Marcus Beveridge (Principal) and Tina Hwang (Associate) of Queen City Law were invited to present a topic during the “Construction Law in 8 Hours Masterclass.”

The Presentation was on “Disputes Resolutions in NZ Standard Contracts” and was well received by the delegates including contractors, engineers, consultants and project managers. The topic included a review of standard construction contracts and common pitfalls to avoid, considering amendments and exploring how to get lawyers involved.

Almost every single construction project will have tension and disputes and it is imperative you know your entitlements and obligations so please feel free to contact us for legal advice.

A copy of the presentation slides can be found here and a copy of the masterclass brochure organised by Crown Leadership International Group can be found here.

Marcus and Tina continue to write columns for the Builders and Contractors Magazine, copies of which can be found here.

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