Queen City Law can offer complete legal services  for Development and Advocacy for New Commercial Ventures. In the case of a large nightclub in the Auckland CBD we achieved a successful outcome for new venture.


Successful  permitting and consent in the given time paving the way for a successful launch of club. Ross and Tom successfully advocating for liquor licence despite  30 objectors however the submission went smoothly and Queen City Law expect the consent to be granted in full. Bringing Auckland the best nightlife experience – Zeus.


One of the most exciting new nightclubs in Central Auckland was provided Queen City Law Commercial Team support in their dealings with the process of attaining the appropriate permits and dealing with the local body councils with was unique. The property is situated in the Auckland CBD, a quarter with increasing apartment sales and increasing competition for land use. The ZEUS NIGHTCLUB is a multimillion dollar nightclub situated in what used to be NZ’s stock exchange trading pit located off Queen Street in Auckland City. Queen City Law have acted for the company setting up this business which is now one of Auckland City’s largest and most popular entertainment venues. We have developed an unbelievably strong working and professional relationship with the client with our lawyers


Queen City Law acted for the business owners in this project. Queen City Law handled all aspects of the consent process by providing a range of Commercial legal services;  including:

  • Thorough and highly cost effective legal services to Zeus.

  •  Sound Strategic advice to the company.

  • Introduction of Zeus to valued professional service providers such as chartered accountants, project managers, architects, real estate agents and others whenever required.

  • Due diligence including investigating issues of resource management based issues.
  • Comprehensive and specialist advice was offered.
  • Representation at council hearings.

Queen City Law have comprehensive experience in terms of all legal issues associated commercial law in New Zealand. The firm has provides highly cost effective legal services to all companies, as well as supplying excellent strategic advice to clients, without losing their ability to provide the personal and friendly touch and keep things real.

ZEUS has been absolutely thrilled with the service that Queen City Law has provided to us often in extremely urgent circumstances. 

To read more about the legal process on the Zeus Nightclub Case click here. 

Check out the Zeus night club for yourself and tell them we sent you.