Destination New Zealand – An Irish Perspective

Back in the waves

Back in the waves

Generation Emigration: Destination New Zealand is the title of a series of articles and stories from the Irish Times, and it uncovers some interesting suggestions based on the experiences of moving to New Zealand. Overall its a useful destination guide for people thinking about emigrating to New Zealand. The series features stories of skilled migrants and families relocating. From Agricultural technology students on a year-long work placement to a structural engineer from Dublin, who lost his job over Christmas. Faced with deciding whether to stay and have the baby in Dublin while relying on social welfare, or to emigrate and find work in Christchurch. They were crying out for engineers to help to rebuild the city, which had been destroyed by a major earthquake just three months before.

New Zealand is a great place to start a career and live; the education system, the friendliness of Kiwi people and the low crime rates are an added bonus. Queen City Law are very experienced in immigration and can assist you. Click here to contact our Immigration team.


If you are already an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you don’t need a visa to work in New Zealand.

New Zealand: Applying for visas or citizenship

New Zealand: Which city should I choose?  When you’re budgeting for your life in New Zealand, bear in mind that most Kiwis have cars and unless you are living in one of the largest two or three cities, you will almost certainly need one.

New Zealand: Health and education

Depending on what visa you are on, you may or may not be entitled to free healthcare in the public system in New Zealand.

New Zealand: Counting the costs

Despite a shortage of workers, there won’t be jobs for everyone, so it is important to do your research before leaving to make sure your skills and experience match what employers are looking for.

New Zealand: How and where to find a job

New Zealand: Finding a place to live Homes tend to typically be in an inner city apartment block, or a fully detached, individually built suburban or rural house.‘New Zealanders also love outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, hunting, fishing and hiking.’ 

Young people come out and stay after having positive experiences.  Queen City Law have acted for foriegn students who have become residents and then eventually citizenship with New Zealand based families. Check out some more posts from our immigration lawyers on emigration to NZ.

Check out the full destination guide here. Planning a move to New Zealand? Here’s everything you need to know by Ciara Kenny