Davidson and Associates is a Christchurch based law firm with a wide area of practice which
has utilised the services of Queen City Law for specialist services for a number of years.
We recently had a cause to retain the services of Ross Dillon in a complex construction and
property matter, involving a matter of considerable importance to our client and which was
extremely urgent. We issued urgent instructions to Queen City Law and Ross provided an
impeccable and comprehensive written opinion that provided the solution sought by our

The opinion, which we were able to rely on, immediately produced the desired outcome for
our client. The fact that the opinion was provided to us within the urgent time frame that we
were operating under at the time was superb and it provided us with the information which
we were then able to utilise to our client’s benefit within the time frame which existed. I have
to say that the result obtained from Ross’s work would have to represent the best value for
our firm that we have ever spent.

From my perspective the lawyers at Queen City Law, provide excellent strategic advice and
are considered to be NZ leaders in some of their respective areas of expertise. The firm
provides well structured advice in a very efficient manner and is often also able to focus on
providing value added advice which is extremely significant to law firm clients.

We have absolute confidence in recommending clients to Queen City Law and in particular,
Ross Dillon. We enjoy a very collegial relationship between our two firms, which I believe is
of mutual benefit to our clients.

We hope to continue our relationship into the future and would certainly recommend Ross
and the team at Queen City Law.


Yours faithfully


Rob Davidson


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