Queen City Law has been awarded the 2014 Construction Law Firm of the Year – New Zealand.Legal_Awards_2014_Magazine__Queen_City__pdf__1_page_

Queen City Law is a law firm specialising in commercial, property, property development, litigation and immigration law. We caught up with Marcus Beveridge, Principal, to find out more about how the firm is excelling in a competitive environment.

Queen City Law, in Auckland, New Zealand, is a highly specialised boutique law firm. Its areas of expertise include property and construction, immigration (especially for ultra-high-net-worth individuals) and litigation. With a client-centric team of lawyers, and the nimble nature of the practice coupled with a proven track record and the seniority of several of its lawyers, the firm is a highly sought after legal provider.49923024

The firm has acted on the construction of some 2000 apartments in Auckland’s CBD, a significant amount of the major property dealings in Auckland, played a leading role in the remedial work on many of the larger leaky building projects, spearheaded consent projects for some of New Zealand’s largest ever property developments in the last 10 years or so and is widely recognised as being one of the smartest law firms that is very active in the New Zealand property & construction sector. Most recently, it has acted on the acquisition and disposal of some of Auckland’s most valuable central city development sites, added the provision of real estate services to its core skills and continues to play a leading role in the ongoing development of the engine room of the rock star of the world economy, namely Auckland, New Zealand.

Recently, the firm has provided a significant amount of advice on the largest ever proposed high-rise in New Zealand – close to 100,000 square metres and a $400m build.

Queen City Law is pleased to be the recipient of the Acquisition International Construction Law Firm of the Year – New Zealand award for 2014, says Marcus Beveridge, Principal. “Since 2008, Queen City Law has also won more of the local property and construction law awards in New Zealand than any other firm in the country, so the firm is pleased with this further recognition of one of its areas of expertise.”

The New Zealand legal profession is in a dynamic state in 2014, says Beveridge. “New Zealand has weathered the GFC much better than virtually any other country, and the earthquakes in Christchurch and the recovery coupled with major overdue infrastructure work in Auckland and a booming property market means that most talented property and construction lawyers have had their sleeves rolled up for some time now. For Queen City Law, we have hired more talented lawyers, a couple of whom have several masters in Tax Law degrees between them.”

The strongest parts of Queen City Law include, among other things, the reputation of its leaders, the loyalty of the firm’s key clients, the knowledge of its legal practitioners, the proven and well-known deals it has completed, the unique skill-set it enjoys and the flow of work between its main teams coupled with the fact it is a fun firm to work with, Beveridge says.

“For Queen City Law one of the most rewarding aspects of legal work is seeing a number of its key clients flourish in their respective businesses often adopting a trusted advisor and partnering model with the firm,” he says. “In addition, we take enormous joy when our clients obtain permanent residence or citizenship in New Zealand, as it can sometimes be an emotional journey and it is humbling for our staff when the happy tears flow.”

Looking to the future, Queen City Law’s plans for the coming months and years are to continue to do what it has been doing, and grow its income streams by remaining a step or two ahead. “In addition, we are investing in new legal software, really do intend to become paperless, have a couple of new websites under development and will do everything we can to remain market leaders in our specialised fields,” Beveridge says. “As noted, our unique positioning means we are one of the few firms in the country able to exploit real estate services – our existing client base, networks, language capability of our lawyers which include Mandarin, Indonesian, Spanish, Korean, Filipina coupled with the increasing investment flow from some of these jurisdictions and our positioning and experience in the property and construction sectors place us in a very advantageous position.”

As they pursue growth moving into 2015, industry leaders must of course embrace new technology, Beveridge says – but it’s the time-proven values that will sustain a business’ growth. “Our core team of legal practitioners all communicate throughout the city on various applications on their smart phones every day, so intelligence is quicker and instant. Nevertheless, it is the old, proven qualities of courtesy, humility, loyalty and ethics and suchlike that will stand the test of time and apply to 2015 and beyond.

“We would like to thank Acquisition International for the Legal Award, and trust that the magazine’s international reputation continues to flourish,” Beveridge concludes. “And we wish all lawyers around the globe every success – but, as they say, ‘keep it real’.”

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