SOld-QCL“Common Dangers for Property Sellers” is the latest article by Auckland Property Law expert Tina Hwang uploaded to the Queen City Law Property Library.

Selling a property can be very stressful for a vendor so here are 10 key points to look out for. Tina is a key component of Queen City Law’s property law team and her article illustrates many of the common pitfalls of a Vendor.

If you are selling a property in New Zealand please read the agreement – Take your time to read through all the relevant sections and conditions. Remember to seek legal advice BEFORE signing- the price, deposit amount and payment date, settlement date and legal description of the property are just some of the things you must check. Above all please be careful of verbal agreements! Especially if the party is related or known to you. Best of friends and whole families have been disrupted by property transfers gone wrong. This new update on Property law comes at a time when the Auckland property market is rising in volume and price. Experts suggest the trend could continue for the medium term. To read the full article click here. To read more about Tina Hwang click here.


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Tina’s article covers information on common pitfalls for property vendors including unit titles, possession date, GST, and many more.

Tina’s article is available at our online property law library along with many useful legal checklists and fact sheets, for vendors and purchasers. To read more click here.

At Queen City Law we have a top rated property law team, skilled in land and property transfer, compliance and all aspects of New Zealand property law. If you are selling a property in Auckland contact our property law team, Tina and the team will be happy to assist you. To find out more about our property law team click here.

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