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Elliot Tower Design Featured in Trends Magazine

Download PDF here: Elliott Tower Design Trends Magazine(1) Elliott tower       Auckland’s skyline is about to grow higher with the granting of consent for the 67-storey Elliott Tower. A rigorous international tender, called by Marcus Beveridge of Queen City Law on behalf of developer Dae Ju Development Company, resulted in the design from […]

Raymond Huo Profiled by China Daily.

  Culture ambassador   By Karl Wilson February 3, 2012 – 11:16am 1 of 2 (Wang Xiaoying / China Daily) Recognizing that culture is the DNA of enterprise and goodwill, Raymond Huo, New Zealand Labor Party’s Member of Parliament, wants to build bridges. Not steel structures that span rivers but social ties that bridge […]

Queenstown 2011 – Summer Holidays

Its been a wonderful summer connecting with people friends and places. The South Island has always been a special place for my family and my heart goes out to those of you affected by the Christchurch earthquake sequence. As my son and I found out its got some very exciting daytrips and wonderful cuisine and […]

Council agrees to allow development New Apartments for Hobson Street 2012

 Council agrees to compromise allowing development by Dae Ju  Housing Co Ltd Read the full article by Bob Dey here Reproduced from Auckland and New Zealand Property – Bob Dey Publishing Published 23 December 2011 The Auckland Council resolved yesterday to conclude a settlement agreement with Dae Ju Housing Co Ltd which will enable the […]

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Merry Christmas 2011

QUEEN CITY LAW wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. We are hoping that 2012 will be an exciting year. Many of our staff are offshore – USA, Korea , China,Australia and elsewhere. Safe travels and happy camping everyone. We are also thinking of throwing another jolly office party […]

2011 in Review for Queen CIty Law

Queen City Law was thrilled to win NZ Property and Construction Law Firm of the Year in November which we hold through till November 2012.The firm has won this award since 2008 so must be doing something right. Brad competed for NZ at an international kick boxing tournament in Europe in November. Marcus won Gold […]

Softball Playing Lawyer is Legend in His Own Lunchbox

Article in NZ Lawyer Softball-playing lawyer is legend in his own lunch box Download PDF Here Softball legend in own lunchbox Nov 2011 MARCUS BEVERIDGE, principal of Queen City Law, played short stop and second base for the 3 Rings Softball Team, which won the Gold Medal at the South Island Masters Games in Nelson […]

Immigrating from Japan to NZ – Retirement

Retiring to the country-side is a common trend in New Zealand. The buoyant agricultural economy, working remote, vibrant lifestyle scene, farmers markets, and a commuter population that are willing to travel further to work. As broadband rolls out into rural areas of NZ this trend will continue. Many in New Zealand who retire to the […]