Business Investor Categories and Queen City Law


landscapeIn New Zealand the Business Investor Categories require an applicant to actively invest either $10 million or $1.5 M in our economy for 3 or 4 years.

There has been talk about creating a third $5 M category for a long time but nothing has eventuated. As is pretty much the political norm these 2 categories got quite a lot of mention during the lead up to the election generally in the context of ill-informed political sound-bytes from punters who had virtually no idea of what they were talking about but were out to score a cheap political point or two. Some of this was attributable to Mr. Dotcom securing his residency under the $10 M category.marcus-b-immigration

Australia clearly sees the world a bit differently from NZ and looks set to introduce a new A$15M category in 2015 – read more here

Australian Investor Visa Changes

The changes are aimed to “encourage more high net worth individuals to make Australia home” the Prime Minister’s office said in a statement.

Foreign investors looking to secure Australian visas will have to target their money at areas of priority to the Australian economy with investment eligibility criteria determined by Austrade in a consultation with key economic and industry portfolios.

Changes to the existing existing SIV program will include “streamlining and speeding up visa processing”, increased promotion of the programme globally and strengthened “integrity measures”.

Several of Queen City Law lawyers are highly specialised in business migration and have probably acted on more successful business migration cases than any other law firm in the history of New Zealand and certainly since the inception of the Business Migration Branch in 1999. Queen City Law is pretty confident it has also acted on more successful $10 M Investor Plus applications than any other law firm in New Zealand also.

Unlike licensed immigration advisors Queen City Law is able to nurture clients for life and some of its best commercial law or property and construction clients started off as immigration clients. Aside from just assisting clients successfully navigate the immigration maze the firm is also able to ensure compliance with the 3 year conditional residency that issues under the 3 year Investor Plus ( $10 M ) term and try and ensure that the investments remain compliant in acceptable investments, remain in NZ in NZ$’s and so on.

And clients are able to also utilise other lawyers in the firm for property , asset protection , estate planning and structuring, commercial , dispute resolution, taxation and virtually any other legal advice. QCL is also able to introduce good banking, accounting and other well qualified partners depending on what a client requires through its well established professional networks. Check out our services here.

So in this sense QCL has become a one stop legal shop to a number of international billionaires some of whom for example like pig hunting and motor boating in NZ and some of whom have made some significant investments in our marketplace with the firm’s support and legal guidance. QCL’s client-centric approach to the practice of law which has seen it win so many NZ and international Law Awards means that invariably all of these clients stick with the firm for all of their on-going professional instructions. QCL-MEDIA-final_4804-rita

Marcus, Bradley and Rita have also presented papers most years at the national Immigration Law Conferences most often on business immigration and Marcus and Brad have also been involved with offshore marketing initiatives including for example business immigration seminars in Japan in conjunction with other stakeholders such as ANZ and BNZ. Tom Huang has also been actively presenting such papers to the Chinese sector in collaboration with BNZ and others. Check out more immigration articles, presentations and checklists in our Online Law Library.

Most recently Bradley presented a paper on the relatively new Entrepreneur Work Visa which requires a much higher level of active participation and focus for those wanting to set up businesses and employ kiwis in NZ as a pathway to securing residency –

QCL Brad-Pic-688x1024White paper – The New Entrepreneur Work Visa

Queen City Law Power Point- Bradley So immigration lawyer at Queen City Law recently delivered this presentation at the 12th Annual Immigration Law Conference in Auckland

Download PPT /June 2014

Currently the firm is acting on Investor Plus applications for clients from Europe, China and elsewhere. Some of Queen City Law’s lawyers are also fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, Indonesian and Malay, Filipino, Korean , Spanish and other languages and are also street smart and fun to deal with.

So if you want the services of what is widely considered to be the best team in NZ acting on your side focussed whenever possible on bottom line value please make contact and come in and discuss your requirements – you will not be disappointed !!

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