What is needed is a fast track, fixed price method of resolving some disputes – where the issues are clear, the current uncertainty of resolution is a crimp on forward planning, a result is therefore essential, but traditional court processes will simply take too long and cost too much.

Landlord/tenant rent disputes are a big issue at present. Deferment of obligations in all sorts of contracts are also at issue. Many contracts make some type of provision for delays, but not all do. There are plenty of issues that need to be worked through and dealt with immediately.

Queen City Law can provide a “Bullet Train Arbitration” for a total of $5,750.00 (incl GST), usually split 50/50 between the parties – buy your ticket and get on for a fast ride to a binding result. Then get on with your business.

The process gives both sides a chance to put their case, but the hearing is done in a day. Sometimes (and these are those times), you need to pass the obstacles as quickly as possible and get on with the next thing.

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