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Bradley So (Lawyer) at Queen City Law recently represented New Zealand in WAKO World Kickboxing Championships in Macedonia Oct 2011. Brad likes to remember the famous Muhammad Ali quote “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

Martial art has been a big part of his  life as his brothers were martial art junkies and Brad was their favourite toy. Both Brads brothers were at least 10 years older than him. You could say that he was a training dummy at a very early age. They started with Tae Kwon Do and by the time he moved to New Zealand he made the transition to Kickboxing and finally Mixed Martial Art (“MMA”)

Brad loves the kickboxing as much as he loves the law, and reminds us that we should:

“Love the game for the challenge of working harder than you ever have at something. Love the game because it takes all team members to give it life. Love the game because at its best, the game tradition will include your contribution. Love the game because you belong to a long line of fine athletes who have loved it. It is your legacy.”

Brad looks forward to representing New Zealand in the future and representing more clients for Queen City Law.

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