One of QCL’s young guns Bradley So was moved by QCL Senior Associate Caron Cato last week and is now a fully fledged officer of the High Court and practicing lawyer .

Bradley celebrated this by consuming a whole bottle of Tequila but was wise enough not to drive home.

Bradley considers that he is no longer the ship’s scrubber and slave but even though none of us are listening we think he has a bright future . Brad read for and holds Bachelors degrees in Law and Commerce.

Brad speaks fluent Tagalog and a bit of Mandarin and was a competitive kick boxer – he also maintains he has some expertise in hip hop dancing but this is yet to be witnessed .

Brad is quickly developing experience in (business ) immigration, property and commercial law and is becoming an asset to the firm .

Brad has a real ” can-do ” attitude and clients enjoy his humble and helpful attitude – we think Brad has a bright future in the law so don’t be shy – come and meet him.