Bid on Property Ltd

Well here we are starting off another year so I thought I’d just drop you a line to thank you and
your staff for looking after our requirements last year.

I’m amazed that you have managed to maintain such a great team of legal eagles who provide the
kind of service hospitality establishments would die to have.

As you know my patent enquiries with larger companies certainly did not receive the prompt
response and decisive action that your team delivered.

Stephen in particular deserves a serious pat on the back for being such a great help with our
patent enquiries both here and internationally.

I bumped into Xing the international student that I referred to you. He told me with a huge smile
on his face that he has PR now. I have some other acquaintances that need assistance with
immigration so will get them to contact you.

Well anyway I’m a busy man and not as organized as you so will sign off now and contact you next time I need legal issues resolved or I’m in the city and need a free “flat white”.

Kind Regards,
Basil Po-Ching
Managing Director

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