Australia Deny Brown a Visa for Historical Domestic Violence

The denial of a visa to enter Australia is likely to impact on Singer Chris Brown’s efforts to enter New Zealand. New Zealand Immigration law has an automatic exclusion for those banned from another country.

8464990522_f5c2684f06The Australian visa denial is believed to be a result of Brown’s history of violence, including his 2009 assault on his then-partner Rihanna. It prompted politicians in Australia to call for his banning and debate in New Zealand over whether performers had been excluded on the basis of race. The law here didn’t allow Immigration to block Brown based on his convictions – nothing for which he has convictions has reached the level required to trigger a legal ban. But it is understood Immigration staff were watching closely Brown’s application in Australia.

Read the full story at the NZ Herald if you are worried about the status of your visa application or have had a Visa rejected get in touch with the QCL immigration team.