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NZ Building & Construction Law Conference

Queen City law are pleased to be attending : NEW ZEALAND BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION LAW CONFERENCE 28-29 April 2015, Crowne Plaza, Auckland New Zealand’s annual update for legal compliance in the building and construction sectors. It starts with  8.30 Registration and coffee then Opening remarks from the Chair – John Green, Mediator, Building Disputes Tribunal  Tina […]

Earthquake Prone Buildings

Are you a building owner worried about earthquake compliance? This weeks article by property lawyer Tina Hwang is a timely examination of the laws, legal issues and ongoing questions surrounding earthquake prone buildings.   To read more articles by Tina Hwang click here. To read more Queen City Law articles on earthquakes and property law click […]

Is my will in order? What will happen when I die?

Many people do not want to think about their death and the impact of their death on their loved ones even though it is about the only certainty in life, although there is a lingering question of “when?” This week Tina Hwang examines what will happen when you die? To read this article as a […]

Understanding IEP and DEE in Apartments

  What is an Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP) or Detailed Engineering Evaluation report (DEE) and why is it so important when you buy apartments or commercial buildings? These all help you determine whether the building may be earthquake prone and will also affect your bank’s lending, your insurance cover/premiums, your tenants rights and obligations towards […]

How can I save my dog?

Sometimes dogs bite people,  situations arise when even the best owners and best dogs get into troubles.  A strange set of circumstances, a confulence of misadventure or just a momentary lapse in judgement, can lead a dog owner to be dealing with the fallout from a attack or criminal prosecution. What can you do to […]

Residents liable for deportation after criminal conviction

In this short article Tina Hwang discusses her experiences successfully appealing sentances handed out under the Immigration Act 2009. Tina explores some of the important issues relating to deportation. To read more articles by Tina click here. To read more about Queen City Law property expert Tina Hwang click here. To download the article as a […]

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"You're fired" – Do you have a personal grievance claim?

Dismissal We have all seen the Hollywood movies, the dramas and also heard of outrageous conduct “warranting” dismissal. However, does serious misconduct actually justify dismissal in New Zealand?  The short answer is “no.”  Hardly any serious misconduct will warrant immediate dismissal as the Employment Relations Act 2000 has taught us that due process and good […]

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Smart Tips for Buying and Selling Property

In August 2013 Tina Hwang appeared on TV9’s Finance Weekly with Brenda Lee to discuss leaky houses and buildings which are an ongoing problem for the New Zealand property market. In this short interview Tina Hwang discusses Smart Tips for Buying and Selling Property and also critique of leaky building issues. Tina discusses some of […]

Business Migration

Queen City Law are experts in business migration to NZ. If you are interested in starting a business in NZ or starting a business in NZ as part of a migration plan, Queen City Law have the experience and services to help you. Queen City Law offer personalised legal services during your immigration process. We […]