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Biggest house sales of the year

The NZ Herald on Sunday recently ran a list of the top ten properties sold in NZ in 2015. The country’s 10 priciest house sales of the year were all in Auckland and their collective worth ­tallies more than $100 million. The 10 properties have a combined price tag of $105.8m, equivalent to that of 138 […]


Personal touch key to building Asia business relationships

In a story represented from the Asia org business speaker programme Mathew Findlay provides interesting insight on how to build business relationships with Asia based partners. For five years Matthew Findlay’s been tasked with the complex job of rebuilding Christchurch Airport’s network of airlines and alliances. Yet when he returns from high-powered business trips to Asia, […]

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Structuring A Family Enterprise.

Family businesses or family enterprise is often the business structure chosen by migrant entrepreneurs. Family businesses are an often overlooked form of ownership. Yet they are a very common form of business structure from the corner dairy to household names such as Swatch, The New York Times, Samsung, and BMW. Nearly one-third of all companies in the S&P 500 index and 40 […]


Australia Deny Brown a Visa for Historical Domestic Violence

The denial of a visa to enter Australia is likely to impact on Singer Chris Brown’s efforts to enter New Zealand. New Zealand Immigration law has an automatic exclusion for those banned from another country. The Australian visa denial is believed to be a result of Brown’s history of violence, including his 2009 assault on […]

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Good Fences make Good Neighbours – Boundary Disputes

Is your neighbour accessing your property to complete boundary work? Has your neighbour started construction work which will compromise your property, or it’s value, access or enjoyment?  If you are worried about a neighbours construction work or think it may affect the title boundary, then both parties should attempt to consult before work progresses. Without good consultation boundary […]

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More people are being deported for minor crimes

 Signs are emerging that Immigration New Zealand is now taking a firmer stance with people whose offending never sent them to prison. In the past, a small matter might not have attracted a decision of an immigration officer. Now it seems even minor matters can progressed.  In a recent article Alex Ashton suggests NZ is following Australia on deportation. Is NZ following […]

Immigration changes for regions into effect

Earlier this month there was a Press Release from the New Zealand Government announcing new measures designed to improve the spread of workers, skills and investment across New Zealand come into effect today. If you are a skilled migrant and you are wondering how these changes will effect you contact QCL, Aucklands leading immigration law firm.   Immigration […]


More Asian migrants are choosing to live in provincial areas. 

A new report on Asian migration shows more people are choosing to live in provincial areas such as Southland. The study, Beyond the Metropolis: The Asian Presence in Small City New Zealand, examined the impacts and trends of migration in six areas: Invercargill and Southland, Queenstown, Nelson, Napier-Hastings, Rotorua, Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty. The report […]

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Overseas Investment In NZ – OIO Processes and Trends

The OIO screens all sizable foriegn investment in NZ but under the TPP the criterea for approval could change. The Trans-Pacific Partnership could halve the number of major foreign investments in New Zealand which need to pass “good character” and business experience tests. With some recent developments Overseas Investors in NZ may be wondering if the landscape has […]


Diversity is Increasing in Auckland’s Asian population.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation has released a study into the increasing diversity of Auckland’s Asian population.  Report author Wardlow Friesen said the findings were based on data from the latest census. “At any one time the Asian population comprises a complex mix of New Zealand born, overseas born, citizens, permanent residents, temporary workers, students […]

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