Queen City Law are proud to represent a variety of dynamic Central Auckland property developments and construction projects. We have over fifteen years experience in navigating construction and development from drafting board to sale. Queen City Law are well placed to assist you.

We are committed to excellent service for our clients and are focused on achieving results in today’s challenging business environment. Queen City Law are confident of being able to provide bottom line value and assistance in terms of doing everything possible to ensure the start price and the finish price remain the same which unfortunately is much harder to achieve in New Zealand than it should be.Typically on construction projects there will be a number of legal and related issues that will arise.

You will also need to appoint contractors and others and will no doubt appreciate the critical importance  of recording agreed terms in a construction contract and associated appointments of consultants, engineers and others that properly reflect your intentions and requirements. Of the 11,000 lawyers practicing in New Zealand,  Queen City Law has won the NZ Property & Construction Law Award 4 out of the last 5 years. More recently we picked up an International Law award as well as many other NZ Law Awards.

We have a number of ways to implement and monitor matters on projects that maximise the likelihood of successful project outcomes and naturally  would welcome an opportunity to support you on your project.

We are pleased to present to you a gallery of images from past and current projects.

Let us to provide you with support on the construction and delivery of your construction or property development. Contact us here.