The Asia New Zealand Foundation has released a very interesting new report which reveals the increasing diversity of Auckland’s Asian communities.

“Asian Auckland: The multiple meanings of diversity” details the history and trends of Asian migration to Auckland, especially since 2006. It was commissioned by the Asia New Zealand Foundation as part of a series of reports drawing on 2013 Census data.

logo-20“New Zealand’s Asian population is expected to increase in upcoming decades, and two-thirds of this population is expected to live in Auckland. While new migrants are often the focus of attention, a significant proportion of future growth in the Asian population will come from people born in New Zealand.”

The report provides insights into Asian “ethnoscapes” in the city – which include tangible elements like people, shops and houses, as well as less tangible aspects like language and religious affiliation. It notes that the diversification of food outlets, festivals and Asian diasporic art forms are generally positively received by New Zealanders of all ethnicities.

It examines the settlement patterns of Asian immigrants around Auckland, providing case studies for particular neighbourhoods including Dannemora and Botany Downs; Glenfield and Northcote; and Sandringham. It also examines the influence of Asian communities on Auckland’s food culture, cultural festivals, the media and the arts.

Dr Friesen is the author of a previous Asia New Zealand Foundation report on Auckland, based on the results of the 2006 Census.

Asia New Zealand Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation dedicated to building New Zealand’s links with Asia through a range of programmes, including business, culture, education, media, research and a leadership network.

The report is available here.