AFG Trust

Dear Marcus

We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our long standing relationship with you and
your firm, and to thank you for your advice and guidance over the last five years.
As a private banking Finn, with a focus on Greater China and the Region, with our corporate
office in New Zealand; the scope of advice sought has been very wide. We have been most
satisfied with your professional services whether the matter has been simple such as
mortgage and cayeat registrations or complex where cross jurisdictional transactions are

As you are aware, our clients are all individuals with significant financial resources and we
have been pleased to refer clients requiring legal services to you. We have done so with
confidence that they will be well served.

A small number of our clients have sought to domicile themselves in New Zealand and your
advice on financial solutions to assist them has proved very valuable. Similarly those clients
have benefited from your advice on immigration matters.

Responsiveness is a critical factor in accessing legal advice and your propensity to respond in
a timely manner has been much appreciated. The continuity of service through your own and
Yee Lins’ involvement in the firm has also been an important factor in our continued
retention of your services.

We also acknowledge your flexibility in being able to work closely with our in house Legal
Counsel which now total three. This has resulted in a seamless extension of our own legal
services to provide extra capacity when required, coupled with the external benefit of an
objective professional perspective.

We look forward to continuing our long standing relationship with you and your firm.

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