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Tom Huang’s (BCOM/LLB) areas of expertise include Property, Commercial, Immigration and Education.

Tom specialises in all areas of property development work, from two lot residential subdivisions to large complex developments as well as property syndication. Tom and Queen City Law Principal Marcus Beveridge have been involved in many significant property transactions including the provision of real estate services, property and due diligence advice. Marcus and Tom have collectively acted on well in excess of NZ$200m of property acquisitions, mainly for the Auckland Market in recent times.

Tom’s Chinese background helps the firm successfully penetrate the Chinese Market. Tom has provided assistance to many large Chinese Corporates setting up their New Zealand Subsidiaries. Such corporations include Bank of China, ICBC, Inner Mongolia Rider Horse, some top 10 Chinese construction companies and others.

Tom’s commercial and accounting background enables him to provide practical advice to his clients on business acquisitions and business structuring through joint venture, limited partnerships, syndications or other such vehicles, as well as advice on arrangements between shareholders.

Tom is also an expert in Business Migration Law specifically for investor migrant clients from China. Tom’s full understanding of business practice in China significantly aid investor immigrants with document preparation and communication with Immigration New Zealand. Tom and the Immigration Team at Queen City Law have successfully obtained residence, work and other visas for some of the wealthiest and most active business people from China who are currently doing business in New Zealand. Tom also acted for many international students to successfully get their tuition fees refunded by various private tertiary establishments. Tom is representing Queen City Law at New Zealand Immigration and Investment seminars in China.

Tom has a commitment to providing an exceptional professional and client-orientated service as well as creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for QCL’s valuable clients. Tom is confident that his business background better enables him to provide a practical approach in solving clients’ problems.

Tom’s commercial insight and experience uniquely facilitate him becoming the “go-to-guy” in any major Sino-New Zealand commercial and legal activity.

In his spare time Tom enjoys socializing with a wide group of friends and spending time with his family. Tom is also a sports lover.


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