A Basic Introduction to Employment Law in New Zealand

QCL-MEDIA-SHOOT_final-tinaIndividual based relationships are now the centre of employment law in New Zealand. Queen City Law, employment law specialist Tina Hwang recently gave a very informative address to the Korean Union Group on Employment Law & Union Law in NZ. Tina’s address includes a detailed legislative background. To download a PDF of the full article click here. For a tablet and mobile friendly e-book of the full article click here. You can find this white paper and other informative documents, infosheets and legal checklists in our Practical Law Library. To read more about Tina Hwang click here.

New Zealand has moved from an industrial or labour law base focused heavily on unions, to individual rights and bargaining. However, the legislation is still very prescriptive unlike overseas regimes like Australia where most of the terms are negotiated between individuals and most employers fall back to the default position of the legislation in terms of public holidays, sick leave, bereavement leave etc. The minimum wage is set for all employees regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time, fixed-term, casual employees, working from home or partly or wholly paid by commission, unless they are starting out workers between 16-20 years old or trainees as per the Act.

Adult Wage
As at 6 June 2013 the current adult minimum wage (before tax) for employees above 16 years of age is:
• $13.75 per hour;
• Or $110.00 for an 8 hour day;
• Or $550.00 for a 40 hour week.

Training Wagenzbucks
As at 6 June 2013 the current minimum wage (before tax) for employees on the training rate is:
• $11.00 per hour;
• Or $88.00.00 for an 8 hour day;
• Or $440.00 for a 40 hour week.
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