wellington-beehive_buildingA ministerial request is one of the last options for those who want to permanently live in New Zealand. As lawyers we often assist client with applications to the Minister and have proven extremely effective in this space over the last 20 years or so securing a very high percentage of successful outcomes. Cases are generally heard by the associate immigration minister, and in the last two years MPs have lobbied Ms Kaye in writing in connection with 750 cases. “Fundamentally changing someone’s life.” That is how Associate Immigration Minister Nikki Kaye describes the decisions she has to make when considering individual immigration requests made to her office. However, the figures could be higher as the minister’s office says they don’t keep a record of all instances of interactions, such as phone calls or emails, where an MP is advocating over an immigration case. During this election campaign there have been some calling for distance between ministers and applications.

Radio New Zealand investigated this in a radio documentary. “Should politicians stay out of immigration?” Originally aired on Insight, Sunday 17 August 2014 by Philippa Tolley

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We also have the ability to very quickly determine an applicants eligibility under the various categories for residency or temporary visas. We believe we enjoy one of the most highly respected relationships with the relevant Government officials including Senior INZ Managers. We have also traditionally enjoyed very sound working relationships with various Ministers of Immigration over the last 20 years or so and have obtained a high very percentage of successful determinations of Special Directions.

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