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Character Waiver – Do I have to disclose my historic charges?

It is not uncommon for some applicants to have an old drunk and disorderly conviction, or a drunk driving conviction, or even an old conviction for the possession of recreational drugs. Sometimes these convictions are from over 10 years ago and it can be confusing as to whether you need to disclose these charges to […]

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How to become a New Zealand citizen by grant

For many immigrants to New Zealand the ultimate goal is to become a citizen of their adoptive home. It is understandable because there are certain privileges only available to a citizen, such as to hold a New Zealand passport and to represent New Zealand in international sports. Also some public service jobs are reserved for […]


What is a Character Waiver? Immigration to NZ

Recently I was asked to present to the NZ Criminal Bar association on what happens when a person lodges an application with INZ but has a criminal record. You can check out the presentation here. In brief everyone entering NZ must be of be of good character and not pose a potential security risk to […]